Frequently asked questions

QWhere is forecast like in previous versions?
AJust click on weather icon and you will see it. Then just click again and it will hide.

QDoes HTC Home 3 work in Windows XP?
AIt works, but we doesn't support users with Windows XP

QWhy the weather animation doesn't work?
AIt works. But it plays only when the weather was changed.

QHow to make animation infinite?
AAnimation loads CPU so your system might slowdown. You can't make it infinite

QWhat is the Weather Animation Pack?
AIt is the set of weather animations for Weather widget. It also plays only when the weather was changed.Demonstration.

QWhat is HTC Home 3 Extras?
AExtras are additions that extend functionality or look of HTC Home 3 Widgets. It could be weather providers, animation, some resources and other things.

QHow can I install this Extras?
AGot to the options -> Extras tab and click Install... button. Then choose downloaded file.

QHow can I uninstall it?
AGo to the options of any running widget and select Extras tab. You will see the list of all installed extras. Choose one and click Delete button. But note, that HTC Home 3 can't delete files that he uses now. Also you can't uninstall MSN Weather provider.

QDoes HTC Home 3 support skins from HTC Home 3 2?
ANo, it doesn't. It support only own built-in styles which.

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