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What's new?

Updated interface

High/Low temperature came back! Forecast combined with widget. It could be easily hidden by clicking on the weather icon.

Additional weather information

Clock widget can show additional information such as wind speed or humidity. There are some different icons for different wind speed and humidity so you can easily choose what to wear for a walk.

«Feels like» temperature

Sometimes it seems much colder (or warmer) on the street than displayed temperature. It depends on many parameters such as wind speed, humidity and other. We added «Show feels like temperature» option which shows temperature according to feelings.

Updated options interface

We tried to make widget setting more simple, logical and attractive.


Each widget has multiple styles. For Clock widget it is a usual digital clock with weather and several types of analog clock.

Each widget is separate application

Each widget now is a separate application. You can pin it on taskbar and you can run many instances of one widget.

New Weather widget

It shows only weather and has 3 different styles. Also it supports weather provider switching and displaying feels like temperature.

HTC Home 3 Extras

HTC Home 3 Extras are additions that extends functionality of widgets. It can be weather providers or resources or something else. To install extras just drag & drop it on any widget executable (Clock.exe, Weather.exe). You can delete installed extras in options.

Other changes

Non-system time

You can set non-system time for Clock widget in options

Date format

You can change date format for Clock widget in options

Startup time

Now widgets start faster because of separating them to applications.

Separate settings

You can specify settings file for widgets using /c parameter. You can create two different shortcuts to Clock.exe with different settings files and run two copies of Clock widget with different styles, time, location etc.

MSN Weather provider

The default weather provider MSN was improved. Now it supports localized search and automatically calculates sunrise/sunset time.

Automatic update

HTC Home 3 can automatically update itself and installed extras. If you didn’t find some function don’t worry, it could be added in updates.

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