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HTC Home 3 website development

Technical part

The website has been developed according to the standards of xHTML 1.1 + CSS 2.1 and tests entirely by the W3 validator. We do not use Flash-elements, but Java-scripts must be on to display the website correctly. We recommend to use only the new versions of the browsers (and the website will work correctly even with the old IE6).

User part

The website is divided into 4 sections: the Public site, the Executive interface, the Closed section and the System of managing the localized versions of the site.

  • The Public section - is clearly the section available for all users.
  • The Executive interface allows us to manage the website quickly and conveniently.
  • The Closed section is available for certain users, for instance for HTC Home 3 testers.
  • The system of managing the localized versions of the site is a system of collective translation which allows operating the website in several languages simultaneously with the help of a great number of interpreters and editors.

The system of managing the localized versions of the website

We have worked out a convenient system for translation and editing the localized versions of the website. The system divides the website into several small parts sized from several words to several sentences. All HTML-tags and other elements, which are not connected with the text, are removed with such a division of the site. Several interpreters and editors may be working with each part of the text, and the most suitable version according to the context is chosen. In case if one of the interpreters makes a mistake another one will correct it.

All the changes are constantly recorded and this always allows returning to the previous version. The system estimates the rating of the interpreters, taking into consideration the quantity of translated fragments, the size of the translated text and other components. Manipulation with the system does not require special knowledge of HTML or other programs. Work is managed within the browser.

Basic stages of the website development

  • 17 October, 2010 - posting of the website in the Internet
  • 24 December, 2010 - re-designing of the website, renovation of the engine, development of the collective translation system

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