HTC Home 3 2.3

In new HTC Home 3 2.3, we considered some of your corrections and additions. Changes to the new version:

  • We have added the Clock widget which displays the time and date in the form of an analogue clock
  • We have upgraded the weather providers; the weather and town data are no longer reset to the standard ones at no Internet access.
  • Skin Modern Sense has been upgraded
  • We have also added the function of checking for updates at startup, which was not available in 2.1-2.2 versions.
  • The list of the latest calls in the Weather/Clock widget has been extended to ten
  • A few mistakes have been corrected

You may express your opinions on the new version at our forum, and information on mistakes - at the technical support page. Our project runs solely on your donations, learn more at this page.

Go to HTC Home 3 2.3 download

New widgets

We are glad to present new widgets for HTC Home 3 2 - Clock widget and Photo widget. Виджет Clock is a handy analogue clock for your worktop.We have included six skins for it already, and the remaining ones will be available from our site later.

Photo Widget - is a widget displaying images from the folder you have selected. The widget can run in either the landscape or the portrait mode. The images in the widget change automatically at the preset time intervals, or manually with the scroll wheel.

Download Clock widget
Download the Photo widget

New extensions

New extensions - Accuweather and The Weather Channeln weather providers have been added to the section of Weather / Clock widget extensions.
Go to section.

New languages

New localisations are continuously added to our site, they are available at this page. At present, the program has as many as 24 localisations.

Last week, our site became available in German and in Spanish. Thanks to Giesser and Covarrubias for site translation. However, we still need help in translation, or in correcting the mistakes of the mentioned and other site localisations.Learn more.

Published 15.02.2011

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