HTC Home 3 additional weather providers problem

We are informing that due to the latest changes in HTC Home 3 additional weather providers are not working temporary. For this reason HTC Home 3 widgets can crash. Additional providers will work after their developer will update them. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Please, use MSN or WeatherChannel weather providers to get weather, in the other cases you will see "Unsupported provider" message. When new versions of providers will be developed you will get them through HTC Home 3 Update.

We know about problems with providers, so, pleasedon't tell about themin support or forum or bugtracker. When providers will be updated you will know about it.

If you are getting HTC Home 3 crash on startup:

  • Run Update.exe and install the latest update HU3025 if you didn't yet
  • If you can't install update, just delete Clock.config (or Weather.config for Weather widget). After this widget will startup, but choosing any additional provider in options will cause widget crash (requires HU3025 update).

Published 21.06.2011

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