We are glad to inform you that site forum is open. Now users can get a consultation, ask a question, offer new ideas or simply talk to other users. Dear user, also we expect that you will share with us your own experience in order to make the project better.Go to this link to make a comment, remark or suggest an idea:

HTC Home 3 1.10 now comes with web-installer, which will help you to quickly deploy the latest version on your PC. To install HTC Home 3 1.10 with web-installer go to the Downloads.

We are informing you, that HTC Home 3 2 is on close-testing since 167 build. Close-testing will help us to improve builds quality and prepare open beta-testing faster. To get information about close-testing follow this link

There are some new widgets available for HTC Home 3 2 build 166 users – Music widget and Calendar widget. Download links:

Please keep in mind that HTC Home 3 2 is Alpha and is for testing purposes only. So it may contain errors.

Published 14.10.2010

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