We are glad to inform you that HTC Home 3 2 Release Candidate has been posted. The new version has some new facilities; also some errors have been corrected. Here are the most significant changes:

  • A Wizard has been added. When activating the program for the first time you will be offered to adjust the weather widget Weather/ Clock.
  • Contextual menu has been updated. Now it is combined with the menu of the program itself. You can close HTC Home 3, add a widget or open the settings in the contextual menu of any widget.
  • Updated installer. Now it allows you to choose a folder for installation.

You can download the new version from the HTC Home 3 2 downloading page. We will appreciate it if you comment this new version at our forum. We also remind you that new skins, localizations, widgets for HTC Home 3 2 are available..

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The complete list of changes in HTC Home 3 2 Release Candidate:

  • First two days in forecast now show "Today" and "Tomorrow"
  • Fixed bug when days in forecast didn't change
  • Fixed bug when widget didn't start with Windows sometimes
  • Added settings wizard which shows at first launch
  • Fixed bug when widget closed through taskbar coudn't be added again
  • Some fixes in Sense-Wide skin
  • Updated widget's context menu

Published 09.12.2010

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