Technical support HTC Home 3

If you have any problems with HTC Home 3 operation, use this page to inform us about your problems. Remember that this page is intended for sending error and problem messages to HTC Home 3. Should you have any questions or proposals to the program authors, use page the feedback page .

You will receive the answer to your question at the noted address as soon as possible. We do not distribute spam and will not trouble you unnecessarily (Privacy Policy).

If you've found an error, please use the bugtracker to inform us about it.By using the bugtracker you may track the status of the error you've detected until it is solved. Go to the bugtracker.

Before sending your question we kindly ask you to look through asked questions (FAQ) or our forum, you may find the way how to solve your problem there.

Please, use the English or the Russian language. All fields are required. Let's be polite!

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