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HTC Home 3 Website

This website about HTC Home 3 was designed by Seorim Web-Studiowe locate in Russia and provide services in development, design and promotion of websites. If you like the way we work and need any type of service that we provide, feel free to contact us by phone or using the following form at our website or this form.

HTC Home 3 website is based on the familiar style of website, but we have developed the original design which combines simplicity, integrity of lines, and convenience in usage. We are developing our own site engine which supports a great number of localizations and is optimized for speedy work. The Executive section and the System of managing the localized versions of the site are in the process of development. You can read more about the process of site development here.

We develop and support our website at our own expense which is partially paid off by Google Adwords posted below.

We also remind you that HTC Home 3 development is supported by your voluntary donations. Get more information on this page.

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