HTC Home authors

Artem 'Stealth' Shuba- projects author. Develops .NET Framework applications for Windows during last 4 years. Student of Surgut State University.

Eugene Kretchun 'ekretchun aka javros'- developer, lead programmer of «Information, Monitoring, Technologies» company (Kirov, Russia). Development experience - 8 years, where last 3 years - professional commercial software development on Microsoft .NET platform.

Andrew 'Azathoth' Machigin- a tester. Participates in testing of all HTC HOME builds. Makes proposals about new functional for team discussion. Author of some graphic elements of Weather/Clock Widget. Author of many fine skins for widgets.

Novel 'Angel of Despair' – processes the new functional ideas from the program users and proposes the most interesting ones for team discussion. TheVista.Ru forums moderator. IT-enthusiast.

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